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  • Custom Cardinals RXV

Custom Cardinals RXV

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Are you a member of the best fan base in the MLB? If you answered yes, then you are obviously a Cardinals fan and knew exactly which team was being referenced. So, since we have established you are one of the die-hards, do you also happen to be a collector of Cardinals goodies? Well, we can assure you that you don't have anything quite like this in your collection. This custom Cardinals RXV went through quite a drastic makeover, along with it's sibling, the Cardinals Retro Edition RXV. With all of the accessories on these beauties, there's nothing they can't do. 

Like all our custom carts, the Custom Cardinals RXV can be tweaked and upgraded to match your preferences. Add additional accessories to your shopping cart to be quoted their cost and compatibility with this package.

/">Complete Signaling Package
12" Rhox White & Red Wheels
12" Red Hawk Tires
Custom Paint Job
White & Red Seat Covers
Side Mirrors with Blinkers
USB Charging Port
LED Dash Lighting
State of Charge Meter
LED Bumper Light Kit
Heavy Duty Leaf Spring Kit
Premium Inlay Steering Wheel
Fold-Down Windshield
Complete Signaling Package
Flip-Back Rear Seat
Sony Marine Stereo System
Unique Key Switch
Battery Year 2017
Chassis Year 2011

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