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Heavily corroded battery needs attention

The minimal noise and ease of maintenance convince many people to invest in electric. The popularity means we see hundreds of batteries pass through our doors every year, and they all have one thing in common – a lack of care.

Batteries don’t have any moving parts so maintenance is rarely on an owner’s mind, but their importance can’t be stressed enough. Without a good battery your gas-powered vehicle can’t start, and your electric vehicle isn’t going anywhere.

Every battery has a finite lifespan, so the steps you take to keep it maintained will maximize its life, ultimately saving you money. But would you believe me if I said the two things you need to maintain your battery are already in your kitchen?


Our senior golf cart technician, Tracy Outlaw, uses baking soda and water to keep our batteries clean. Here’s his method:

  1. Fill a gallon bucket full of water, and combine with a third of a box of baking soda
  2. Coat the batteries in the mixture by simply pouring it over them, or if you’re feeling fancy, a garden sprayer
  3. Let the mixture sit for 5 minutes while it works its magic
  4. Rise the batteries off with a hose
  5. Once it’s dry you can apply a protection spray to the battery’s terminals for added benefit.

This process works just as well on the batteries of your gas-powered vehicles, and will make sure you never get stranded without a charge. But why does this work in the first place?


The chemical reactions that occur during the charging process creates hydrogen gas. This gas is lighter than air so it rises up and out of your battery with droplets of water and sulfuric acid coming along for the ride. The water evaporates, but the sulfuric acid is left behind on the exterior of your battery and nearby surfaces. This acidic residue is harmful to surrounding components and dangerous when it makes contact with the frame, which is why regular maintenance is strongly suggested.

Your vehicle’s manufacturer usually suggests monthly cleaning, but it isn’t necessary for everyone. Since this residue is created during charging, the frequency of maintenance always depends on how much you use your batteries.

Whether you do it yourself, or you have us take care of it, one cleaning is all it takes to realize that keeping your batteries clean and healthy is simple and inexpensive. You’ll get much more lifespan and reliability out of a well-maintained battery. Our service department offers their cleaning expertise for you at an affordable price, learn more by visiting our service page.

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