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Our Mission

We strive to provide you with one-of-a-kind golf carts that are tailor made for your wants and needs while also working to provide you with expert service throughout the life of your carts and other small engines.

Our History

Born from the love VIP Distributing Co. has for the great outdoors & fun, we customize new and used golf carts to meet the needs of every customer.The golf carts division began as winter downtime project around the shop here at VIP Distributing Co. and eventually grew to become its own dedicated department.

VIP Distributing Co. is the multi-faceted accessory-focused division of the Lou Fusz Automotive Network, one of the fastest growing automotive networks in the country. We sell and install accessories for consumer vehicles, emergency response vehicles, and golf carts while also providing support to the network as a whole through our creative capabilities and dealer support services. Visit the VIP home site to learn more.